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Forest Deer: Wild Survival app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 7392 ratings )
Games Adventure Simulation
Developer: Tayga Games OOO
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 10 Jun 2016
App size: 118.59 Mb

Welcome to the wilderness. You are a noble deer, who explores forest full of dangers, search for food to get meal and battles against predators! Let’s know what is it like to be a deer exploring forest forest fighting predators and mating other deer with Forest Deer: Wild Survival! Try this ultimate stag simulator and feel like a powerful herbivore – mighty enough to master the wilderness! Let’s start a run – and let no one to hunt upon you! Earn experience and level up your deer! Buy power-ups and customize your deer as you want!

Start a survival adventure as a large noble stag - run fast and communicate with other animals! Do your best to survive on this cruel and wild world, full of dangers and predators ready to attack! Mate does and rise up fawns, gather you own herd and rule these lands!

Do you like animal games? Try Forest Deer: Wild Survival - great app for all animal simulator fans!

Forest Deer: Wild Survival features:
- Opportunity to make a herd of deer
- Various animals as your rivals and direct enemies
- Fantastic world to explore
- Some ways to update your deer

Play Forest Deer: Wild Survival and fight against other animals! Explore this wild forest as a noble deer, but don’t relax - it might be even more unpredictable than you can imagine! Survive as long as you can, fight with other deer or make them part of your herd! Mate with females and breed fawns! Enjoy Forest Deer: Wild Survival right now!